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Wishford Weekend 2017

“Time camping isn’t spent, it’s invested!”

    Tent poles… Check. Sleeping bag… Check. Pillow… Nooooo! There was always going to be something left at home. Luckily, Year 6 remembered to bring boundless enthusiasm, energy and bucket loads of ‘I can and I will’ to Hatherop Castle for the annual Wishford Weekend.  The Wishford Weekend is a meeting of all the Year 6 pupils under the Wishford umbrella: St Faith’s, St David’s, St Edwards’s, The Mead (absent), Haywood Prep and, our hosts for the weekend, Hatherop Castle.

   On arrival the children were tasked with pitching their tents.   All the staff were amazed at the team work shown by the children enabling them to put them up in record time. Now that our homes were erected, we headed to a BBQ supper and then on to the awards ceremony for the Enterprise Competition that children took part in during the Spring Term.  After toasting the winners everyone scampered outside for the evening dance-off.  St Faith’s had been practising hard all week and - with twice the number of children than the other schools - performed admirably.  Exhausted, our troops headed off to the fire-pit for a good old sing song and some hot chocolate, lovely! Then came the inevitable part… bedtime!  The children were very excited to be camping out, many for the first time, and as expected it was a late night for some. The morning started early and Miss Johnson deserves a medal for officiating the 5.45am football match.

   After a hearty full English breakfast the children took part in Quadletics (, which is a multidiscipline event testing participants speed, stamina and power. St Faith’s very own Amelia G recorded the highest score of all the girls present that weekend – bravo! The afternoon was spent taking part in activities ranging from graffiti murals to rock climbing. Then the children were unleashed on Hatherop Castle’s Summer Fair, a wonderful experience for everyone. We all then decamped to the state of the art Drama room for an afternoon movie, with popcorn and lots of water!

  With the temperature still high the children took showers and begun to get ready for the evening disco. As expected, St Faith’s dominated the dance floor from start to finish and it was extremely pleasing to see the children having such a great time with each other! Danced out, we then headed back to our tents for the night. Unsurprisingly, there were no repeats of the first night and the children went straight to bed, even the gentle lowing of the nearby cows couldn’t keep our Year 6’s awake.

    Sunday morning was a military operation and the children deserve camping scout badges for our camp being dismantled and loaded on the coach before our 8am breakfast.  The Year 6’s were simply marvellous and a pleasure to take away. They have made life-long friendships and will hopefully look back on this trip in later life and smile.

   Thank you very much to Mr Andrews, Mrs Latham, Miss Johnson, Miss Arman, Mrs Woodhead, Mrs Harrop and of course the one and only Mr Groves for looking after the children and ensuring they all had a great time.