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Residential Trip to Le Chateau de Warsy 2017

Chateau de Warsy est fini!

Alors….un autre voyage au Chateau de Warsy est fini ! C’etait une semaine fantastique, avec beaucoup d’activites et les repas delicieux…..We were so fortunate to have perfect conditions weather-wise and accommodation-wise. It is so lovely for us as teachers to join in and mingle with the children in a more relaxed atmosphere, they were very happy to see us out of our comfort zone or drenched in the lake ! We saw different sides to their personalities, grit and a sense of fun, friendliness and support of others, and of course a willingness to speak some French at mealtimes or the local market. It is very tiring, sometimes challenging but an experience not to be missed or forgotten! Merci beaucoup to Mr Groves, Mr Burrett, Mr Andrews and Miss Johnson for making it such a great experience.

Coming Home

After a raucous sing song of French songs around the camp fire and the last set of games on the lawn we tried to settle the children down for the final night. Hot chocolate and marshmallows failed as a sedative and at around eleven o’clock silence finally descended on the Chateau. With the alarm going off at just before seven it was then a difficult task of awakening the sleepy heads and a frenzy of packing with breakfast before we alighted our coach home.


Dinner report: The sun came out and the lake heated up for what was to turn out to be civil war between the paddle boarders and the rafters! As one of the rafters the girls and I swiftly manoeuvred our sturdy little home built raft silently across the lake to take the paddle boarders unaware and board their crafts. Like navy SEALs we took control of the lake as the activity leaders tried to bring us all under control, but to no avail. Three hours of claiming and reclaiming paddle boards took their toll and we all eventually retired exhausted to a nice hot shower and the inevitable drying room. And now off to the very last evening meal of frogs legs and snails, yum say the children - not!

It was a little embarrassing to discover that Madame Stokes had never eaten a snail and so it was inevitable that we should gather all the children round and make her eat one. Fortunately she managed to keep it down but sadly Mr Andrews didn't, and it was even more embarrassing to watch him fight to keep it from returning. I was, as always proud of many of the children who put the staff to shame and adventurously devoured the frogs legs and savoury garlic snails. I CAN and I WILL, we need to get the staff to buy into this!!!! 

Lunch report:  Shock and amazement, we awoke to the sound of rain on the Chateau roof. Not to be deterred we set off to Mons Didier Market fully equipped with our rain coats and pocket money. After a brief tour and history of the town the children set off in earnest to spend their money. I've never seen so many Fidget Spinner stalls in my life. Gone are the French craft and local produce stalls and in their place we now have a more commercial aspect to the market-what a shame. On a positive note the children conversed and bartered with the stall-holders in French and I saw one or two drive a hard bargain. The rain petered out as we headed off back to the chateau for another hearty lunch and the prospect of a very wet afternoon of being thrown countlessly into the lake. However this prospect was made more welcome as the sun started to come out with the temperature rising!

Le Chateau c'est magnifique dans le soleil .Les enfants adorent leurs chambres et les activites sur l'eau et dans la foret .Monsieur Groves a trempe Madame Stokes, ca n'etait  pas tres amusant ! Demain nous allons visiter le marche a Montdidier...pour acheter des cadeaux pour l'anniversaire d'Imogen...I apologise for the lack of correct accents!


Dinner report: How many times does a headmaster have to be chucked into the lake before the children have had enough? Sadly I will never find out because it is eternal so far. Luckily Mr Burrett, Andrews and Miss Johnson get very wet too. This afternoon the cool of the rifle range and the low ropes in the woods came as welcome relief to those not on water activities. Very disappointed with the head girl's and deputy head girl's raft which fell apart as soon as it hit the water, poor craftsmanship. The wet clothes are drying in the sun as we will head off to another wholesome supper. 

Couldn't believe it, this evening the children and staff had the choice of three hot meals. Sausages and mash, chili con carne or steak in a gravy sauce. Mr Andrews and Burrett, needless to say, had all three, and finished off with a doughnut. On my return it's got to be a weight watchers masterclass. Good job there's no lake activity tonight, I'd certainly sink my raft tonight.

Lunch report: What a wonderful, wonderful morning, hot sunny and full of fun in the lake with people splashing, dunking and falling in, not to mention the headmaster being pushed in several times. With our clothes in the drying room we settled down for a delicious lunch of pasta, chicken wings and beefburgers, we are so full up. With a quick rest and game of cricket we set off for more fun and laughter in the other lake with canoeing and kayaking.

Breakfast report:Madame Stokes failed to tell Mr Groves that we had a later breakfast and so his wing were awoken rather early. Anyway the early birds were downstairs early putting their mosquito spray on and playing in the games room. The other school left straight after breakfast for Blighty and so we have paradise to ourselves once more. After lots of fruit, cereal and croissants we all set off for a morning of kayaking, rifles, raft building and paddle boarding in the glorious sunshine. Spirits are high and so is the sun. Hot, hot, hot, bring on the lake!


pm: This has been a truly beautiful day. Hot, glorious sunshine and so much to do. From mountain biking on the made to measure course, to blind trail, survival and the great obstacle course, the children have taken everything in their stride. Including the hearty lunch and mountains of curry and boeuf bourguignon for dinner after which we all trudged off fully stuffed for the last round of activity. Madame Stokes has also been very  impressed with the children asking for their food in French. We will sleep soundly tonight, especially Josie who was sick yesterday but approached every challenge today with a quiet confidence.

A warm and muggy morning signalled the end of the first two sessions. Fun and games on the lawn with plenty of water to drink, and then off to the woods to disappear amongst the foliage and bracken. Initiative and creativity being the buzz words here and competitive spirit  in abundance. But where was Madame Stokes? On the veranda doing her own impressions of John Singer Sargent.

After some Chateau games everyone went off to bed absolutely shattered and even though there were a few chattery hours everyone managed to get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.   Could be something to do with the fantastic accommodation!   Having just had a wonderful continental breakfast with pain au chocolat, cereal, yoghurt and fruit salad the children are in very high spirits for a morning of Olympics and tracking and camouflage before we eat again for lunch. Mr Burrett was seen to have two croissants and so Miss Johnson had to go one better and have three!

Monday 15:

 6.10pm:  After close encounters with sharks and turtles, fun in the aquarium, looks like a bit of shopping happened.   A hearty meal on arrival, followed by decanting the coach of bags. Off to the dormitories with huge excitement. The sun is out and it's very warm. Staff really friendly. Le Tricolore  vole

 Year 6 departed on time with big grins, they must have known their crossing would go smoothly and they would arrive as scheduled in France.  They immediately left for Nausicaa, Boulogne and by 4.30pm (French time) they left for a two hour drive to Le Chateau. More news will follow once they are settled.