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Cricket success for brother and sister

Two St Faith's Prep pupils are in the unusual position of being on opposite District Teams. Luca has played for the Southern Spartans at District level as a wicket keeper for the last three years. Starting at Hythe at the age of four, he was selected to play for the district after Hythe Town Cricket Club put him forward. Early on he was identified as having an aptitude for wicket keeping. He is extremely committed and has had the opportunity to be coached year round by some outstanding professional cricketers (including Geraint Jones and Matt Walker). This year he is the wicket keeper for the Under 12s.

Olivia has had little choice but to join in, if only to learn to catch balls being thrown around in the garden! She started to join in at Hythe about two years ago but more as an alternative to watching her brother. Following on from this she went with him to the Easter and Summer Cricket Camps at Kent College as well as being inspired by St Faith’s very own Miss Arman.

Following on from the Easter Camp, which was well attended by quite a few girls, Darren Scott (Eastern Vikings Coach) invited Olivia to be part of the Easter Vikings Under 11 Girls Team. She has been attending the training every week and is committed to doing the Winter training. Livvi has already played in two Eastern Vikings fixtures and rose to the occasion well. Quite daunting to be both in a team and playing against a team where girls are on average 2-3 years older than her.

Before the end of term, Luca and Livvi were interviewed about their cricket passion.

How old were you when you first started playing cricket?

Luca - 4 and Livvi - 2.

When was your first cricket match?

Luca’s first hardball game as a Year 3 student was for Southern Spartans vs Eastern Vikings.  His team secured a win. Luca’s personal best to date is 42 runs.

His sister Livvi plays for the opposition, Eastern Vikings and her first match was against Kent College.  They are both fiercely competitive, especially against each other.

Who is your cricket hero?

Luca’s is Jonny Bairstow and Garaint Jones

Livvi’s is our very own Miss Arman

How did you become so good and how do you get better and better?

Both agree they need lots of practice and feel a mature attitude is essential.  Luca watches T20 and sometimes they watch each other.

It’s going to continue to be a busy summer for them and we wish them good luck.  Their Mum says “Thankfully I don’t think Luca and Olivia have a match against each other”!