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Welcome to the Lower School


In the September after they turn 4, children join our Reception class.

The classrooms are the largest in the school - Reception children need plenty of space! The classrooms form part of a courtyard with the Nursery, which helps to ensure a smooth transition.

We aim to develop your child’s confidence as their own abilities develop at this crucial stage.

Their learning develops from the wonderful start in the Nursery, with activities based on the same seven areas of learning: Communication & Language; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; and Expressive Arts & Design.

Our priority is the children’s happiness; they must enjoy the start of their school life, the time that they spend in the Nursery and Reception, the Foundation Stage. We want them to develop a thirst for Learning but also to enjoy being children.

There are After-School clubs, such as Ballet or Gym for these children. They also come to the whole school Friday Assemblies and of course they watch all the Drama productions during the year and take part in Sports Day; we want them to feel that they are part of the whole school.

Years 1 & 2

As children move up to Years 1 & 2, the curriculum starts to broaden and the teaching style begins to become more formal, although there is strong emphasis on fun and enjoyment. We teach a broad curriculum throughout the Lower School with an emphasis on:

  • English & Maths
  • French
  • History & Geography
  • Science
  • Art
  • PE, Swimming & Sports

We encourage an active lifestyle in the Lower School with two PE and one outdoor games lesson every week. The children learn to develop ball skills by playing hockey and team games which not only increase their fitness but also help them to develop social skills and self-confidence.