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What our parents say

We asked our current parents why they love St Faith’s at Ash. This is what they had to say…

 What Our Parents Say

September 2016: It was good to see St Faith’s at the Ploughing Match yesterday.  Jamie thoroughly enjoyed the visit and thank you to the teachers for all of their extra effort and engaging the children so well in all that was going on. It’s great to see the year 1 children adopting the positive and caring attitude seen throughout the school.
March 2016:We have been delighted to read the wonderful school report from the ISI. It makes for impressive reading and the feedback is ‘on point’ and well deserved.  We take the opportunity to congratulate you and your team on such an excellent report; and to extend our heartfelt and sincere thanks to you all, for the sheer effort you put into achieving success for each and every pupil; and for the school as a whole. We are proud to be part of such a wonderful school.  Congratulations once again!
 November 2015:  I just wanted to say how fantastic the school promotional videos are! I have just watched them at work (along with a few colleagues!) and I was literally close to tears. What a lovely snippet of school life at St. Faith’s. I feel very blessed for Maisie to be at the school.

May 2015: I’ve been meaning to drop you a line on some positive feedback and items we’ve been really happy and interested to read about. 

Firstly, we must congratulate you and the staff on organising a truly delightful Grandparents Day!  We heard all about it from Aania’s grandmother; how impressive the organisation was and more importantly the respect and consideration extended to Grandparents and their needs. (Not to forget the wonderful afternoon tea!)  The photos on the website were lovely too.  So really, really well done to all involved and we look forward to next year.

Secondly, I had also been quite impressed reading the 29th April newsletter you shared with parents, upon return from the Easter holidays.  It was really informative to read about all the changes and work that had been completed at the school.  I also felt truly reassured that we were in good hands with you leading the school and your commitment to ensure children are “happy, safe and challenged”.  Your vision for the future and helping to unlock each child’s potential is totally inspiring. 

We are often so busy in our lives, that we only ever raise our hands and speak when things go wrong.  So I wanted to just take a moment and share with you that for myself and my husband, the efforts of the school do not go unnoticed. 

 Thank you for all that you do!   --     Uroosa and Saeed Ur-Rehman

 January 2014: I would like to take this opportunity then to pass on my enormous thanks to all in the nursery for making Rufus’ first few weeks so much fun. It feels as though he has always been there – he runs in in the mornings and doesn’t want to leave when I come to collect him. I’d like in particular to extend my thanks to Miss Spratt who usually takes care of him in the late room and who displays endless patience and good humour as we struggle to get him out of the door so that she can finally go home!! It is a fantastic nursery and my only regret is that we did not enrol him as soon as he turned 2.