St Faith's at Ash

St Faith's at Ash Primary School

School Motto

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School Vision Statement & Aims

Vision Statement


We are a high-achieving, academic and dynamic school which nurtures the well-being of each individual within an exciting, challenging and supportive environment.  We praise and reward commitment, hard work and success and set ourselves the highest academic challenges to develop our talents to the full to support and prepare children for the next stage of their education.

We are proud of our school and what we achieve, in terms of grammar school entry and scholarships to the Independent Senior Schools that we feed, as well as how we care for and respect others in our community.  We believe that we should be firm, fair and friendly in all our dealings and encourage a sense of responsibility for those less fortunate, for whom we provide support both locally and globally through our fundraising and community service.

Our Aims

1.  At St Faith’s at Ash Prep School, we aim to produce children who are aspirational, self-disciplined and confident learners.  The holistic education they receive enables them to fulfil their academic potential with a strong moral sense of purpose.

2. We seek to produce caring and empathetic children who show a genuine concern for others and are keen to do all they can to make this a cohesive community.  They are aware of the demands to be made on them and others to help them be adaptable and responsible citizens in the Twenty First century.

3. We provide a broad, rich and balanced curriculum enabling our children to make the most of their individual talents and skills.  By providing a stimulating, challenging and exciting environment we aim to develop independent learners with inquiring minds, a thirst for knowledge and passion for lifelong learning, but above all to be happy.

4. Our aim is to educate and care for our children aged from 2 to 11 within a warm, welcoming, happy and empowering environment.  Ultimately, the children leave us at Year 6, aged eleven, as positive, impressive young people ready to go out into the wider world and make a difference.